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04/22 to 04/23

Top 20 Lifestyle Apps

1 Tarot Readings Free

106% Growth

This app gives you a Past, Present and Future tarot reading directly. Enjoy free tarot reading. Simply shuffle, choose you cards

782 Users

2 Green Wine

105% Growth

All about Green Wines - Sustainable, Natural, Organic and Biodynamic Wine.

569 Users

3 Driving directions with weather information

105% Growth

Get driving directions all around the world with weather information

661 Users

4 Coupons for Weed

104% Growth

Find Coupons for Weed at Collectives and Dispensaries in States with Medical Marijuana laws.

962 Users

5 Finance and Investing Tools

104% Growth

The 20 finance and investing tools. Live Forex Currency, Live Currency Cross Rates, Live Indices, Live Commodities and more.

787 Users

6 Helpouts by Google

104% Growth

Get live help over video with Helpouts by Google.

1,720 Users

7 Fullscreen Mirror

103% Growth

Use your webcam as mirror.

946 Users

8 Kaufmannsladen

103% Growth

Entdecke das umfangreiche Sortiment aus Mode, Wohnen und Lifestyle von

588 Users

9 the Mobile Catholic

103% Growth

A Mobile Prayer App & Other Aids For Today's Busy Catholics

1,131 Users

10 Wisdom of the Bible

103% Growth

This app will help you obtain wisdom from above by displaying various Bible proverbs each day.

766 Users

11 WeGoOut: social nightlife discovery

103% Growth

Find out where your friends are going tonight! Discover the most popular events and places nearby.

624 Users

12 Nutrition Style

103% Growth

Nutrition Tips for a healthier lifestyle.

4,182 Users

13 Craving Greens

103% Growth

Experiments in wholesome cooking

1,307 Users

14 NextCampsite

103% Growth

The go to resource for finding the best campsites and planning your next camping trip!

718 Users

15 Fortune Cookie Of The Day

103% Growth

Want to know your future, your destiny. your fortune? Crack open a fortune cookie and see what it reveals. Give it a crack!

1,572 Users

16 Restaurant Recipes

102% Growth

Free Copycat Restaurant Recipes. Discover Thousands of Accurate Copycat and Clone Recipes

658 Users

17 Investman

102% Growth

????? - ???????ADR?AH??????????????????????...

558 Users

18 Ultimate-Ski

102% Growth

The ultimate ski guide to the best skiing and snowboarding destinations across the world.

1,081 Users

19 Free Maps Ruler

102% Growth

Free Maps Ruler allows you to easily measure the distance and the area between selected points on a map.

3,325 Users

20 Aftershock London

102% Growth

Aftershock sells high-end luxury clothing and accessories created by our design team in our London studios.

618 Users

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