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02/24 to 02/25

Top 20 Lifestyle Apps

#1 Daily Devotionals

106% Growth

Glorify God for who He is, and what He has done, through daily devotionals.

1,124 Users


104% Growth

This app is just a link that redirects directly to the online

932 Users

#3 TourInventor

104% Growth

Build Memorable Experiences

1,315 Users

#4 Driving directions with weather information

103% Growth

Get driving directions all around the world with weather information

993 Users

#5 MileWise

103% Growth

Travel like a genius. Track your rewards. Search flights in cash, miles, and points.

1,030 Users

#6 Nostradamus Quatrains

102% Growth

Read the famous quatrains from Nostradamus and learn what the future holds!

862 Users

#7 Ultimate-Ski

102% Growth

The ultimate ski guide to the best skiing and snowboarding destinations across the world.

1,131 Users

#8 Gas Prices in US, Canada

102% Growth

Displays the most up to date gasoline prices available for the areas specified. and It displays gas station prices on a map.

776 Users

#9 AM Traders Room

102% Growth

Admiral Markets is a leading online Forex trading provider.

746 Users

#10 Sayings of Christ

102% Growth

I hope these words of Jesus Christ inspire and bless each day. Maranatha.

2,774 Users

#11 SigFig Portfolio

102% Growth

SigFigis the best free way to manage your investments. Sync and track your investment accounts in real-time, in one secure app

1,847 Users

#12 About Dogs

102% Growth

If your dog wins a show title, if you have puppies for sale, if you have an upcoming litter list your dog here

1,191 Users


102% Growth

The freshwater fish database.* Search by the specific signs of fishes - the size and shape of the body, spots, stripes etc.

1,352 Users

#14 It's Tea Time

102% Growth

Discover the world of Tea. Shop over the best Tea blends, tea gifts and tea accessories on's website.

1,853 Users

#15 Cogteeth

102% Growth

Create personalized T-Shirts, Mugs, Greeting Cards and more with QR codes or secret messages.

561 Users

#16 Worship Live Online

102% Growth

Worship God for who He is, and what He has done.

1,449 Users

#17 Baby Name Meaning

102% Growth

Find out the name of your baby, or if you have not thought of one, try getting a suggestion!

1,336 Users

#18 Build My ShedPlans

102% Growth

Download free outdoor shed plans, garden and storage sheds plus wood working projects, designs with woodworking patterns.

726 Users

#19 the Mobile Catholic

101% Growth

A Mobile Prayer App and Other Aids For Today's Busy Catholics

2,205 Users

#20 Practice Mindfulness

101% Growth

Practice mindfulness throughout the day. Return to present moment. Stay Focused.

1,582 Users

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