Best Chrome Apps

10/29 to 10/30

Top 20 Lifestyle Apps

#1 Ascendant

105% Growth

Your Ascendant and its Signification

544 Users

#2 One Life. Places

105% Growth

Your Instagram travel album in two clicks. Travel broadcasts.

810 Users

#3 Numerologist

104% Growth

At the moment you were born, your limitless potential was encoded in your destiny

885 Users

#4 Economics and Finance

104% Growth

Economics and Finance

522 Users

#5 Commemorative notes

104% Growth

Print commemorative notes in the Orthodox church.

672 Users

#6 the Mobile Catholic

103% Growth

A Mobile Prayer App and Other Aids For Today's Busy Catholics

2,268 Users

#7 Nostradamus Quatrains

103% Growth

Read the famous quatrains from Nostradamus and learn what the future holds!

844 Users

#8 Conceptly - Mockup and UI Prototyping tool

103% Growth

Transform your design and mockups into clickable interactive applications.

1,987 Users

#9 by

103% Growth

The leading online classified ads and buy and sell website in the Philippines.

4,060 Users

#10 Astrology Premium

103% Growth

The most luxury astrology and horoscope application out there! Yearly horoscope, Matchmaking, Numerology.

1,072 Users

#11 Work From Home Money

103% Growth

Work From Home Money is where you will learn how to make good money working from home.

1,220 Users

#12 Famozia

103% Growth

The best fortune teller in the Internet gonna read you future ina cup. Get to know you future now.

752 Users

#13 1000 Places to Visit Before you Die

103% Growth

Explore the exotic places in the world and discover its true beauty. You must at least see these images before you die.

1,075 Users

#14 Calorie Counter

103% Growth

Calorie Counter provides you a search through database of thousands and thousands of food in an instance!

797 Users

#15 Calm

102% Growth for your Desktop

1,815 Users

#16 Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

102% Growth

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator tells you if you are underweight, normal, overweight or obese, based on your height and weight.

1,159 Users

#17 Responsive Website Tester for Google Chrome™!

102% Growth

Allows you to test your web site, or design in popular device resolutions

8,912 Users

#18 Numerologist

102% Growth

Change your life with Numerology !

2,505 Users

#19 What Your Dream Means

102% Growth

Try our online dream database and look up what your subconscious mind might be saying the exact meaning of what these might mean

541 Users

#20 X New Tab Page(ShortCut)

102% Growth

X New Tab Page(ShortCut)provide a shortcut to open X New Tab Page (

926 Users

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