Best Chrome Apps

10/22 to 10/23

Top 20 Lifestyle Apps

#1 Hotel Comparison and Booking

105% Growth

Find hotels for your next holiday. Book Cheapest hotels and rooms.

1,041 Users


104% Growth

<Experience the Wonder of Travel with!>

920 Users

#3 BoulderMart.Com

104% Growth

North American Online International Shopping Store.

555 Users

#4 Jewels Obsession

104% Growth

Penants | Earrings | Engagement Rings | Bracelets | Men's Jewelry |

852 Users

#5 Calm

104% Growth for your Desktop

1,794 Users

#6 Food Recipes TV

104% Growth

Watch Food Live TV wherever and whenever you want with full episodes. and Find great recipes for any meal, food or diet.

659 Users

#7 Nostradamus Quatrains

104% Growth

Read the famous quatrains from Nostradamus and learn what the future holds!

838 Users

#8 Trainerize

104% Growth

Deliver workouts online and train more clients

761 Users

#9 Trulee Fitness

103% Growth

A fitness diagnostic platform to aid in making you faster, strong...

1,731 Users

#10 WDW NewsToday

103% Growth

WDW News Today (WDWNT) is a daily-updated resource for news and information on the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts.

648 Users

#11 Fusion Performance Training

103% Growth

Personal Training in New York City

898 Users

#12 Car

103% Growth

Car Chrome App contains all the car specifications in the world, go crazy with this data!

682 Users

#13 Dream Interpretations in Turkish

103% Growth

A large and trustworthy database of dream interpretations in Turkish. Don't underestimate your dreams!

846 Users

#14 Nutritional Values for Kids

103% Growth

Calorie counter for kids nutrients. Energy, protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals etc.

523 Users

#15 FutureAdvisor

102% Growth

Personalized, data-driven advice to help you increase returns and reduce fees in your 401(k) andIRA

871 Users

#16 Template Tool eBay Listing Designer

102% Growth

Simple Listing Designer for eBay Sellers

1,169 Users

#17 Zolal

102% Growth

Quran with Almizan tafsir.

714 Users

#18 #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
#N/A #N/A
#19 PennySaver

102% Growth

Pennysaver's online classifieds and coupons make it easy to find savings in your neighborhood.

1,216 Users

#20 Green Wine

102% Growth

All about Green Wines - Sustainable, Natural, Organic and Biodynamic Wine.

546 Users

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