Best Chrome Apps

10/17 to 10/18

Top 20 Lifestyle Apps

#1 Clock

106% Growth

simple digital clock. (dark style)

2,306 Users

#2 Christian Forum Site

105% Growth

Friendly Christian Forums and Online Bible Study

905 Users


105% Growth is an online shopping list program. Access it from home, work, or your mobile device. Share an account…

588 Users

#4 Read the Bible

105% Growth

Northland's Daily Liturgy. Study God's Message to You Often

1,638 Users

#5 Coachya

105% Growth

Coachya assists endurance and fitness sports coaches to easily assign training plans, manage and bill their teams and athletes.

618 Users

#6 FitTrend

105% Growth

track, trend, and have fun with fitness

620 Users

#7 Bible Trivia - Guess My Name

104% Growth

Try to guess the names of 150 characters from the Bible based on short descriptions.

2,671 Users

#8 Calm

104% Growth for your Desktop

1,845 Users

#9 Bookatable

104% Growth

Free Online Restaurant Reservations & Table Bookings

791 Users

#10 BullBear

104% Growth

BullBear is your commodity market analyzer.

914 Users

#11 Health is a Doing Word

104% Growth

Move and Be Free

628 Users

#12 NextCampsite

103% Growth

The go to resource for finding the best campsites and planning your next camping trip!

749 Users

#13 Bhagwat Gita Blog

103% Growth

A Blog about Hindu Philosophy of Bhagwat Gita or Bhagwad Gita. Teachings of Lord Krishna given to Arjuna at Kurukshetra

669 Users

#14 Responsive Website Tester for Google Chrome™!

103% Growth

Allows you to test your web site, or design in popular device resolutions

8,680 Users

#15 Great American Spice Co.

103% Growth

Fresher Spices Better Prices>

731 Users

#16 Pinoytuner Store

103% Growth

Get your latest Music,Movies and Merchandise from your favorite local artists

1,170 Users

#17 Visit Greece

103% Growth

If you are looking for travel inspiration, has everything you need to know. Travel ideas, Events, guides, what to

2,356 Users

#18 the Mobile Catholic

103% Growth

A Mobile Prayer App and Other Aids For Today's Busy Catholics

2,199 Users

#19 Power Lead System Money

103% Growth

Money making system all entrepreneurs are looking for

656 Users

#20 PracticeMindfulness

103% Growth

Practice mindfulness throughout the day. Return to present moment. Stay Focused.

1,425 Users

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