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07/29 to 07/31

Top 20 Lifestyle Apps

1 Mindful Moment : Practice Mindfulness

110% Growth

Practice mindfulness throughout the day. Return to present moment. Stay Focused.

1,360 Users

2 mapdango

104% Growth

View and explore official US National Park Service maps for more than 50 parks on a Google Map.

716 Users

3 Symptom Checker for Adult and Child

104% Growth

Get a quick snapshot of your health or medical problems with Adult & Child Symptoms Checker to assess your options.

991 Users

4 Jewels Obsession

104% Growth

Penants | Earrings | Engagement Rings | Bracelets | Men's Jewelry |

965 Users

5 BillGuard

103% Growth

BillGuard finds bad charges on your credit card and debit card bills and helps you get your moneyback.

1,182 Users

6 HotelComparison and Booking

103% Growth

Find hotels for your next holiday. Book Cheapest hotels and rooms.

614 Users

7 Family Medical Info

103% Growth

Stores medical info for the entire family for use in emergencies, doctor visits, filling out school and camp forms for the kids,

1,478 Users

8 Loan Calculator

102% Growth

A convenient tool to calculate loan term, monthly payment, interest vs priciple, and compare two loans.

1,554 Users

9 Calorie Counter

102% Growth

Calorie Counter provides you a search through database of thousands and thousands of food in an instance!

779 Users

10 Food Dictionary

102% Growth

Food Dictionary - Comprehensive listing of Food and Food ingredients.

764 Users

11 Bible Research Helper

102% Growth

This app will help you study the Bible more completely. There is also an option to listen to the bible read aloud to you.

3,109 Users

12 Bible Study Aid

102% Growth

Use this app to help you dig deep into the word. Maranatha.

976 Users

13 Indian Train Seat Locator

102% Growth

Find seat position and berth type from the Coach and Seat Number available on Indian Railway Ticket.

745 Users

14 Bible Trivia - Guess My Name

102% Growth

Try to guess the names of 150 characters from the Bible based on short descriptions.

2,120 Users

15 Keeper of theHome

102% Growth

Naturally Inspired living for homemakers!

1,235 Users

16 About Dogs

102% Growth

If your dog wins a show title, if you have puppies for sale, if you have an upcoming litter list your dog here

1,027 Users

17 Vacation Rentals by Owner

102% Growth

Search over 265,000 vacation rentals worldwide

1,774 Users

18 Recipes By Ingredients

102% Growth

Recipes by Ingredients allows for searching based upon ingredients, allergies, calories, servings, time to cook, and meal type!

2,703 Users


102% Growth

Shop at NewYorkSpeed - Diesel, G-Star, True Religion and more

1,418 Users

20 Bible Verse of the Day

102% Growth

Displays a new Bible verse each day. You can also lookup a word or a phrase in the Bible.

22,757 Users

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